Health Center System

The health needs of the people in the community of Katipunan other than the private clinics are taken cared of by the Katipunan Health Center. The barangays also serve six barangay health stations located strategically.

The municipal health personnel manning the main Health Center is composed of the following:

1. Municipal Health Officer

2. Nurse II

3. Ten (10) Midwives

4. Two (2) Sanitary Inspectors

5. One (1) Malaria Chief Inspector

The barangay health personnel assigned in strategic barangays is assisted by Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) who voluntarily deliver the primary health programs of the government.

At present, the health personnel population ratio in the community, are as follows:

1 Doctor for the entire population of 37,448

1 Nurse for the entire population of 37,448

1 Midwife for every 3,745 population

1 Sanitary Inspector for every 18,724 population

It is evident that the above ratio is not enough to serve the entire municipality population except that of the midwife, where almost break even to the population served which is only 3,745 while as required midwife - population ratio is 1:3,000, basically, the National Health Standard in order to be medically sufficient in a given area are the following:

Doctor -------------------

Population Ratio - 1:20,000

Nurse --------------------

Population Ratio  1:5,000

Midwife  ----------------

Population Ratio - 1:3,000

Sanitary Inspector -----

Population Ratio - 1:5,000