Brief History of St. Francis Xavier Parish
Katipunan, Zamboanga del Norte


The Parish of Saint Francis Xavier in Katipunan turns 209 years old this year. Created into a parish in 1796, it was first managed by an Augustinian Recollect Father Vicente Melendo de San Cipriano. The Recollects cared for the flock until the return of the Jesuits in the area in 1870. Fr. Antonio Obach was its first Jesuit pastor. In 1926, Fr. Nicasio Patangan, a Dipolognon diocesan priest, took the reins of the parish.  After him, the illustrious roster of its diocesan pastor includes Fr. Epifanio Baleares, Fr. Felipe Chioket, Fr. Primitivo Vidallo, Fr. Nicolas Daga, Fr. Bernardino Baura, Fr. Esteban Gaudicos, Fr. Silvano Amora and Fr. Emigdio Socias, Fr. Wilson Cadano, Msgr. Alfredo P. Ganason, Fr. Ranulfo Suarez.  Presently, Fr. Enrico Montaño looks after the flock in the name of the Good Shepherd.

Total human development as mirror of the reign of God is the present parochial vision.  The parish may be traditional in its structures, considering its various mandated organizations.  But it is open to new approaches.  The concept of BEC has been introduced.  It is implemented with the charismatic groups and the traditional religious groups.  Prayer meetings, in-service training and seminars are conducted regularly to enhance family values and develop the laity.  In the words of Fr. Wilson, the former parish priest:  “the parochial program helps (people) to develop the attitude of self-reliance, fidelity, intimacy, courage, endurance and love… and teaches them to sacrifice for the common good especially for (the sake) of the common masses”.


Front Facade

Church Altar and interior

Old Convent Building