Elementary Level

The municipality of Katipunan has thirty eight (38) schools. These are divided into two Districts namely. The District I and District II. District I has nineteen (19) schools within its jurisdiction. Fifteen (15) are elementary schools and four (4) are primary schools. District II on the other hand has also nineteen (19) schools within its jurisdiction. Fourteen (14) of which are elementary schools and five (5) are primary schools.


A. Enrollment

The number of school children enrolled and registered during the school year 2000-2001 had reached a total number of 6,418 enrollees of which 5,070 are primary and 1,348 are intermediate grades. The number of school children that were enrolled in the year 2000 exceeded the actual computed number of school-age population within the 7-12 age bracket. These statistics showed that there are still children, 12 years old and above that were in the 7-12 year age bracket which should have already been in the intermediate level.


B. Teacher

There are at present 208 teachers employed as classroom teachers in the two school Districts of Katipunan. One hundred thirty three (133) teaching in the primary level while seventy five (75) are teaching in the intermediate level. Statistics as shown in the teacher-pupil ratio revealed that for the primary grades there is an average of one (1) teacher for every 38 pupils, this teacher-pupil ratio for the primary grades is still above the DECS Education Standard of one (1) teacher for every forty (40) pupils. On the other hand the intermediate grades have just met DECS standard of one (1) teacher for every twenty-four (24) pupils in the classroom. This following education plan of the DECS to utilize five (5) teachers for every three classes.


C. Classroom

There are 87 school buildings that have been constructed in the two Districts of the municipality with a total 138 classrooms. These school buildings are either constructed with permanent and semi permanent materials.


Katipunan I District

Katipunan CS



Balok ES



Biniray ES



Bulawan ES



Carupay ES



Dabiak ES



Malasay ES



Matam ES



Mias ES



Miatan ES




Nanginan ES



New Tambo ES



Banbanan ES



Danao ES



Fimagas ES



Jose Gayapa



Kitonok PS





Katipunan II District

Taga CS



Basagan ES



Luyoran ES



Malugas ES



Sinuyak ES



San Antonio



Seres ES



Sitog ES



Singatong ES



Sanao ES



San Vicente



Guisokan ES



Sibayog ES



New Dapitan



Patik ES



Seroan ES



Sto. Niņo PS



Seraboc PS



Saluwagan PS



Katipunan NHS

The Scanner


Katipunan National Agricultural School

The Mango Grove


   Basagan Annex



   Sitog Annex

The Blare


   Sinuyak Annex



San Vicente NHS



Seres NHS



   Gunyan Annex



   Diongan Extension


KatipunanElem.School D.jpg (55244 bytes)
Katipunan Central School
Kat Nat, HS D.jpg (185162 bytes)
Katipunan National High School